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A rose for Emily...

Okay.... not really a rose for Emily. Do you remember that story from school? It was pretty creepy! The Emily I'm presenting today is another friend of photographer, Sammy Hearn, and honestly, I'm not quite sure why this photo shoot took place. I think modeling for Emily is just a side gig, but I'm not judging. Sammy still needed me for makeup, so I was there!

Emily's red hair made all the other colors POP. This is also the color my husband has been begging me to dye my hair, so I might be a teensy bit jealous of her. Lol.

We used ColourPop Hammered on the lids and the nude on her lips is Jeffree Star's liquid lipstick in Celebrity Skin. Later on she switched to Jeffree Star's liquid lipstick in Unicorn Blood. I LOVE both colors but kill for the red lippie.

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