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Hannah + Adam

Last weekend was probably one of the most joyous days of my life (aside from my own wedding, of course) because one of my bffs, Hannah--or Handa as I like to call her--got married to her beau, Adam.

I was not arranged to be Hannah's makeup artist since I was in the wedding, but she asked that I "see what I can do" the night before as a test-run and she loved it! So with what little makeup I packed with me for this out of state wedding, I applied my little heart out and Hannah was just beautiful. I used her own foundation and my eye products (Urban Decay Naked palette) and some other fun colors on her cheeks and lips. I would have packed false lashes with me if I would have known I was going to do the whole wedding party too. Lol.

My other bff, Lauren (or LoLo), did Hannah's hair in this pretty fishtail braid with a blingy headband. Isn't this photo of Hannah and Adam the cutest?!

This is Paige, Hannah's cousin.

This is Hayli, Hannah's half sister.

This is LoLo!

This is another of our bffs, Ashley.

And the last of our bff circle, Rachel.

And that's me with Hannah. I guess this was my first official wedding as a makeup artist even though I was very unofficial. And hopefully I'll have more weddings planned as head artist in the future!

#wedding #makeupartist

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